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Empowering Mums to Navigate their journey to Physical, Emotional, Hormonal and Nutritional Health.

I am here to help you find flexible healthy habits for the wild ride of motherhood.

As a Certified Health Coach, Hormone Specialist and Personal Trainer, my mission is to help mum’s find whole body health and well-being by combining these key disciplines into bespoke support programs.

Whether you need help with your energy levels, exercise routine, nutrition or getting a more balanced routine, I’m here to support your journey to achieving your goals and becoming the mum you want to be.

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I know you’d love to eat better and have every intention to give that a whirl next week, but there’s just, no, time. You are amazing. You are raising small people. They demand every inch of you and more. And you give it. Why? Because you’re incredible.

You deserve to have health that glows back at you in the mirror and helps you breeze through each day and (restless) night!

Let’s start by tuning into you, your incredible baby making body and what makes it thrive. What makes your body, mind and soul sing? You deserve to feel the best version of yourself, for yourself and then you’ll smile brighter than you have before.

As a Health Coach and Hormone Specialist I can help support you on your unique journey to health. We look at food, stress, hormones, movement and make manageable lifestyle adjustments to get you living your best mum life with the limited time you have.

No matter where you are in your motherhood journey I have something for everyone! You can choose from: bespoke 1-1 coaching program tailored to you, empowerment program, whole body fitness plans, pelvic floor recovery program, free newsletters and blog posts with amazing recipes and tips.

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1:1 Coaching

Are you ready to be the healthy, strong and confident woman and mother you deserve to be? Then my 1-1 coaching is for you!

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Fitness Plans

No matter whether you are pre or post natal we can create a tailored workout exactly to your needs to get your body strong and healthy.

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Online Programs

All of my online programs are designed to give you the tools you need to reach physical, emotional and nutritional health for life.

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About Me

Hey, I’m Kirsty!
Health Coach, Pelvic Floor enthusiast and mum to two boys!

Before becoming a mum, I was a sugar addict who couldn’t find a word of praise for my body and spent hours relentlessly training, dieting, berating – repeat. Busyness and stress fueled days were normal, my skin was a mess and my eating habits… well, let’s say that Haribo took a slice of my salary every month. And then something wonderful happened. In the middle of all of this, I fell pregnant. Insert shock, stress and more sugar here!

This was my turning point in life. For the first time I wanted to show up for myself and this baby I was growing. I have always been obsessed with learning – so I trained in coaching, nutrition, hormones and fitness. I wanted to know how to fuel, move and bring my hormones into harmony during pregnancy and beyond.

This is when Got Vitality opened its doors and I started coaching and empowering women to find harmony in their lives. Helping them cultivate healthy habits, build self-confidence, beat stress and find true inner happiness.

I’m so proud to say that all of my clients revoluntionise their health on so many levels and find their own path through the haze of motherhood.

Your path is a unique one. And I am here to help you find it. I want to help you live your fullest life guided by your goals that will help you feel a constant sense of achievement and joy every single day, both as the amazing woman AND mother that you are.

Love Kirsty