Can a lemon save you this Winter?

January 8, 2019
Kirsty Lewis

Since moving to Sweden 18 months ago I am fascinated at this time of year when everyone gets the flu. Different varieties are floating around; some come equipped with a cough, a runny nose or a fever – worst case, all three! It is commonly known and accepted.

This got me wondering – what on earth is going on here in Sweden?

Personally I feel terrified I wilI be struck down! In all honesty, I have very little sleep with a one year old who loves nighttime raves, I’m setting up a business during nap times and bedtimes, going to crossfit regularly and rocking the single parent lark whilst my husband flies other people to glamorous destinations – all of this fatigue should be a cute and fitting recipe for the Winter Germs.

The first week of Winter I was faced with a decision – haul up inside and breathe my own oxygen over and over again where there was no risk of invading germs (except through the crack under the door) or go on out there into the world and defend against those Winter Germs one by one!

I did the latter – and so far, I’ve survived!

So what is my secret? Do I even have a secret? Or am I just lucky so far!?

These are my top 3 tips, I wanted to share to save you all the winter germ hell:

  1. Positive mindset – waking up each day with the thoughts, “I feel absolutely fantastic – let’s see what you have me today world!?” Or maybe replace this with something that resonates for you! Positivity is the key here.
  2. Fresh fruit and veggies - I have to cook them in 1,451 different ways to keep my child on his toes and ready for more! So keep your supply of nutrients through fresh food in a surplus supply. Snack on fresh fruit, nuts and homemade oat cookies (laced with exotic antioxidant powders! You’ll find the recipe on the facebook page).
  3. Lemon and ginger – this pair are immune boosting monsters! Throughout the colder months, keeps these in your fridge and try to finish or start each day with a cup of water (hot or cold) with loads of them both packed in!  

Have an amazing Winter – you can make it through flu free – I believe in the power of your body to do this!!