Do you need a quick nutrient rich sugar fix?

April 13, 2019
Kirsty Lewis

Do you ever ask yourself after something’s happened, like a good workout or a successful business meeting or a tough day or an argument, ‘I’ll treat myself to something naughty…..’ (insert your vice here!)

I found myself a while back saying, now I’ve just done that huge workout, I’m going to treat myself to a bag of skittles!?! How crazy is that. I am going to ‘treat’ my dear body, that I’ve just put through all sorts of paces in the gym, to a bag full of highly processed sugar, e-numbers and a host of other chemicals it has absolutely no idea how to digest! Alongside that, my current endorphin kick will get a little higher with the sugar kick and then I’ll crash so hard I’ll hate everyone insight unless they provide me with more chemicals to get me back high!

Sounds like an addict if you ask me….

I sought out help. From my fridge! And I want to give you a few little super quick tricks I learnt along the way to satisfy my desire for a ‘treat’ but one’s that are nutrient dense and good for my soul:

  1. Dates – oh how I love these babies. Yes, they have natural sugars, but I challenge anyone to find more nutritional benefit in a handful of skittles that a handful of dates! Dates with a little nut butter inside, get in my belly! Not only are dates full of fibre they are amazing for digestion, heart health and circulation. And nuts have all the natural fats you could wish for, not to mention, protein, vitamins and minerals and almonds are power houses for bone strength.
  2. Bananas – grilled banana topped with cinnamon. When you eat this gooey mess you’ll think you’re being super naughty! But you’re not! This is a guilt free, nutrient dense snack. Bananas are full of potassium and thus, a natural electrolyte for the body. They also help with circulation, healthy blood pressure and reduce inflammation.
  3. Squashes – roasted squash in coconut oil and then sprinkled with sea salt, absolute heaven! They’re rammed full of natural sugars so squashes will help curb sugar cravings and you absolutely cannot eat as many calories in squash as you can in skittles! Squash helps with digestions, reduces inflammations and is packed full of Vitamin A, C, Folate, Fiber and Potassium. What an absolute winner!

As an ex-sugar addict, I feel your pain and I am right here for you if you need additional support, recipe inspiration or just a shoulder to cry on. If you can try those 3 simple suggestions above you are well on your way to ‘treating’ your body to everything in needs and deserves to be is happiest and healthiest self, all for you to enjoy.

My next workshop is on Superfoods to help you live a life full of energy without having to reach for the highly processed, chemically pumped treats available on shelves! All details are on my facebook page @gotvitalitystockholm! And do check in for sweet treat recipe inspiration and I promise to pack in nutrients!

Have a happy and healthy day!