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The Mum's Village

Community is all about support, love, openness with absolutely no judgement. It is a place you come to that relaxes you, makes you feel at ease and helps you to grow as a woman, a mother and a warrior.

I know all too well that motherhood can be a lonely place. I've been there and I don't believe that any other woman should go through that place of sheer isolation.

Got Vitality hosts The Mum's Village which is an online community for women to work together to get through this jungle of motherhood. It is full of likeminded women that are ready and eager to build each other up through accountability, trust and support. As natural and beautiful as pregnancy, childhood and becoming a mother can be, I don't believe that we should be expected to 'know' how to be superhuman, Supermums.

She has an ability to make everyone feel supported and loved.
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In the group you will

Develop goals and aspirations for the future within a likeminded community

Experience a safe space to communicate where mum-guilt is not allowed!

Receive emotional and mental support as you adjust to motherhood

Get guidance on exercises from a pre/post-natal personal trainer to help build a strong body and core

Learn expert nutrition information for both mother and baby that's healthy, easy and stress-free

Pick up meal ideas for your growing baby, toddler and children

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This closed group provides that space for woman to come together and develop strategies on coping with everyday stress, learn about easy nutritious meals for mum and baby, rest and relaxation strategies for use on even the most hellish days and setting yourself goals for the future to live a life that is aligned to your true values.

As an Integrative Health Coach, Hormone Health Specialist and Pre/Post Natal Personal Trainer I facilitate the community and offer my expertise in advice and guidance to ensure each and every member of the group gets to their desired destination on the expedition through the jungle.

Enjoy live sessions including coaching, cooking demos, workouts & seminars. Plus, recipe inspiration and coaching tips.
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I love how inclusive Kirsty is! She has an ability to make everyone feel supported and loved. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

Caroline, Sweden

The community support, the short workouts, the personal coaching aspect. All in all it feels like a holistic approach.

Linda, Sweden

Positive feeling from the group and accountability.

Amy, New Zealand